Easter 2021

The Easter festival is at the heart of the Christian faith. Join us as we journey with Jesus through his final days. Hear about the incredible things he said, the amazing things he did and how they resonated with those around him. See more of who Jesus is and what he means for us today.

Easter Sunday: 4th April, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Join us for a livestream to celebrate life in all its fullness! There will be music, readings from the Easter story and teaching on how the astounding life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ pulses through history and impacts us today.

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Holy Week: Sunday 28th March – Friday 2nd April

Every day this week, we have posted a new video tracking the events of the Easter story. As the story unfolds, we see his enemies endeavour to overcome and destroy him. Looking at Jesus’ response, we uncover how this reverberates for us today as we are invited to follow him.

1. Jesus’ Triumphant Entry

2. Jesus Cleanses The Temple

3. The Scribes and the Widow

4. The Plot to Kill Jesus

5. The Passover Meal

6. Jesus Arrested and Sentenced

7. Jesus’ Crucifixion