Sunday Mornings

We meet at the Citadel, Gillygate, York, YO31 7EA

We have now returned to meeting in-person. We gather every Sunday from 10:00 to 11:00 for worship, teaching and communion. Our gatherings over the summer are as follows:

On August 15th, we will be gathering at 11:00 for a picnic at Homestead park.

On August 22nd, we will be gathering at the Citadel as normal.

On August 29th, there will be no gathering, as we will be tuning into Devoted Online. Visit for more details.

From September 5th, we will be gathering at the Citadel as normal.

There are lots of ways to describe what goes on at City Church on Sunday mornings, but to strip it back to its essential element, it’s all about getting to know and trust God through the person of Jesus. While we aim to do stuff well, it’s all secondary to learning and practicing love for Jesus together.



Please find below answers to hopefully most of your questions. If you have any others, do not hesitate to contact us at

Please do not come if you, or anyone in your household, is showing symptoms of Covid-19. 

We have greatly missed being able to worship and physically gather together as one body in the way that we are used to. We want to respond to the call of being gathered by Jesus to worship God in a way that is both responsible and complies with Government guidance regarding coronavirus. Although Sunday meetings will look different from before, our hearts are still in the same place of desiring to meet Jesus through worship together and allow space for him to work in our lives, individually and as the body of Christ.

What will Sunday meetings look like?

From May 23rd, we will be meeting for one hour between 10:00 and 11:00 at the Citadel. Please make sure everyone over 11 within your household/bubble wears a mask. We will be using both the upstairs and the downstairs to comply with social-distancing measures.

If you have children, please arrive early, take them to their groups and then return to your seats. We will have a time of worship led by a team of musicians (we ask that you do not sing for the present, as the restrictions on corporate singing have not yet been lifted). Following that there will be a talk from the bible, and then our meetings will end with communion taken on the way out. 

Can I invite my friends?

Yes! Please do invite and bring people along and ask them to use the booking system on the website. 

What Covid-19 measures will be in place?

Everyone over the age of 11 will be required to wear a mask. We have one-way systems operating throughout the building, signposted by arrows. We will be using both the upstairs and the downstairs seating areas to maximise social distancing and there will be a distance of two metres between each household and/or bubble. There are regular hand-sanitising stations throughout the buildings for everyone to use, and toilets are restricted to one person at a time. These and other measures are recorded in our Covid-19 risk assessment.

What will it look like for kids?

If you have children younger than 11, please arrive at 9:45 to drop them off for their kids’ work. These will be in the Strickland room for Mini Explorers, the Wiseman room for Explorers, and the Ebdon room for Mighty Explorers. There will be a one-way system in place for dropping children off; we would encourage you to sit near the rooms where your children will be to reduce movement around the building. 

Why are we choosing to come back now?

We want to be a faithful witness to Jesus and gathering together has always been a big part of this. Yet, we also recognise that we are here to see the peace and prosperity of the city which can mean laying down our rights and privileges in a Christlike way. Over previous lockdowns churches have been able to meet, yet other restrictions have been in place i.e. families not being able to meet and it has felt right to forego the privilege of meeting together in favour of the greater good. 

From the 17th May, things are looking in a much better place with infection rates and vaccines, and restrictions will be further eased to allow indoor socialising. We feel it is now right to be able to meet in a safe, Covid-secure way as an answer to the call of Jesus and as a way to serve the city.

Will these measures change and when?

Our desire has always been to serve the church and the city as best we can which includes complying with government guidance. Therefore, we will be closely monitoring the guidance and will adjust how we are meeting as guidelines are adjusted.

Should I attend if I am pregnant or clinically extremely vulnerable?

We encourage anyone in these groups to follow the current advice for pregnancy and clinically extremely vulnerable.  If you decide to attend one of our meetings we will be happy to chat with you beforehand about any concerns you may have, or any adjustments that we could make to help you feel safer and more comfortable.  Please contact if this applies.

Will it be live-streamed?

We have carefully and prayerfully made the decision to meet in person again as this allows greater opportunity for participating fully when we are physically gathered together. This is our priority and we do not easily have the capacity to provide both in-person and live-streamed meetings. There is also the practical issue of safeguarding to consider when images are being shared publicly online and we don’t want to compromise anybody’s safety. Whilst Sunday meetings are our main form of meeting, they are only part of what we do and our church life and community goes beyond what happens on a Sunday morning, e.g. small groups gathering online and in smaller settings. If you are unable to join us physically on a Sunday morning, audio recordings of sermons will be made available on our sermons pageIf you would like to connect in another way, please contact and we will try to link you up.

How will communion work?

Communion will be taken on the way out; when exiting there will be a hand sanitising station, followed by a bread station, a wine station and finally an empty glasses station. The direction will be clearly signposted with arrows. The bread will be pre-cut and wine will be in individual glasses. Please deposit these glasses on the table before you leave. 

Will there be refreshments?

Unfortunately there will not be any refreshments at this time. Please bring your own if you wish to have any.

Can we socialise like we usually would?

To keep the service short and to reduce movement around the building, there will not be community time as we had pre-Covid. Please do say hello and chat in your seats as you normally would, but there is no official time set apart for socialising.

I’m new – how can I get to know people?

Welcome! It’s so great to have you with us. Please introduce yourself to one of our stewards on the door, if you haven’t booked in the online form you will be asked to fill out your name and contact details for NHS Track and Trace. If you would like to join a serving team or small group, ask a steward or anyone you see on a team and we’d love to get you involved. You can also connect with us on Facebook.